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Concrete Work

Concrete Mixers

2 Cu FT Electic and Petrol Non Trailerised

2 CU FT Hand Mixer

2 CU FT Trailerised Petrol or Electric

4 CU FT Trailerised Petrol or Electric

Concrete Work

Concrete Texturing Gun

Floats - Bull 900mm with 2 handles

Floats - Hand and Edging

Floats - Rotart Electric 74cm

Floats - Rotary Petrol 85cm

7 Headed Floor Scabbler

Requires min 250 CFM compressor

Scabblers Triple or Single Head

Requires min 100CFM Compressor

Screed Board - Vibrating Petrol

Screed Boards 1m to 3.6m Alum

Shovels, Picks and Spades etc

Vibrator - Air 50mm

Vibrator - Petrol 35mm Flexdrive

Vibrators - Electric 25mm and 3mm

Wheel Barrows

Concrete Drilling and Cutting

Brick Saw Electric 300mm

Concrete Cutter 2 Stroke - 230mm

Concrete Cutter 2 Stroke - 300mm

Concrete Cutter 350mm Wheeled Floor Saw

Diamond Cobble / Block Cutter 250mm - Petrol or Electic

SDS concrete bits 6mm to 26mm

Bits Core 35mm to 125mm

SDS MAX 14mm to 35mm

Concrete Drill

Concrete Drill Large

Cordless Concrete Drill

Channel Cutter for Concrete

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

175mm Angle Concrete Grinder

We have a range of different grinding wheels that can be added to it.

650mm Concrete Floor Grinder

250mm Diamond Floor Grinder

Bench Top Polisher

Four pads to choice from 50 to 400 Grit


125mm Angle Concrete Grinder

Cup Stone Polisher Grinder