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Builders and Handyman

Builders and Handyman

Block Splitter - Lever Type

Celastic Gun

Chain 4 Way

Chain and Wrack (Unit)

Chain Block 1 Ton, 2 Ton and 3 Ton

Chain Snig

Chimney Sweep Outfit

Come - A - Long (Chanin) 1.5 & 5 Ton

Cramps -

Cramps - Floor

Cramps - Sash

Crow Bar 1.5mtr

Dumpy Level (Automatic)

Dumpy Level (Laser)

Electric Lead Single Phase

Electric Lead Three Phase

Exra Augerts

Extension - For drill bits


Fans 350mm Ventilating (Indus)

Fencing Pliers

Fibrolite Cutters

Gang Boxes

Gerrard Fencing Clipper

Gib Board Lifter - Manual and Air Operated

Glass Suction Cups

Hammers Sledge 3lb and 6lb

Fibrolite Cutters

Hand Carts

Hand Carts - 6 Wheels Strair Climber

Hole Saw

Hose Reels - Garden

Housewash Brushes

Jenny Wheel and Rope Blocks

Level - Laser Drainage

Lino Remover (Elect Chipper)

Lino Roller

Log Roller

Mitre Box and Mitre Saw

Moisture Meter

Nail Extractor

Nail Gun - Finishing

Nail Gun - Framing to 100mm

Paino Trolley

Pallet Lifter - 2000kg

Pinch Bar Wrecking

Pole Sander - Hand

Pop Riverter - Air

Pop Riveter - Concertina to 6mm rivets

Pop Riveter - Hand

Post Drivers - Wood and Warratah

Post Hole Bore - Hydraulic For Diggers

Post Hole Borer - Hand

Post Hole Borer - One Man

Post Hole Borer - Two Man

Post Hole Borer 1 Man Bormac Hydraulic

Ramset Gun (Plus Nails)

Rope Blocks - Single and Double

Rota Tape Metric or Imperial

Smart Level

Soldering Iron - Electric

Soldering Iron Acet Plus Propane

Spirit Level

Staff for Levels

Staple Gun - Fencing - Air Operated

Staple Gun - Electric

Staple Gun - Hand

Stapping Machine (19mm Plastic)

Stapping Machine (19mm Steel)

Stapping Machine Bend IT S/S

Steel Bender / Cutter - Manual

Steel Nibbler

Stilson 450mm & 900mm

Stud Finder

Tapes - 50mtr and 100mtr Fibreglass

Wire Feeder - Spinning Jenny

Wire Strainers - Fencing

Wire Twisters

Steel Bender - High Tensile

Steel cutter