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Painting Equipment

Painting Equipment

Airless Spray Unit - Commercial

Extension Blast Wand

Extra Blast Hoses 30mtr

Extra Spray Hose

Hoses 10ml (ARO Fittings)

Paint Burners L.P.G (Plus Gas)

Paint Stripper - Hot Air

Planks 3.0mtr 3.6mtr and 4.2mtr Laminated

Planks 4.0mtr and 6.0mtr Aluminium

Regualator and Water Trap

Safety Harness - Waist and Full Harness

Spray Gun - High Pressure

Trestles 3.0mtr alloy

Wallpaper Remover Steamer - Industial

Wallpaper Straight Edge

Water Blaster / Whirl Away 2000psi - Petrol

Water Blaster 1800psi Electric

Water Blaster 2200psi - Diesel / Trailerised

Water Blaster 2200psi - Petrol / Non Trailerised

Water Blaster 3200psi - Diesel / Trailerised

Water Blaster 5000psi Diesel / Trailerised

Water Blaster Hot 1400psi 140c

Water Traps - Spinner and Tripod