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Chipper to 150mm - Trailerised - Petrol

Chipper to 200mm - Trailerised - Diesel

Chipper to 300mm - Trailerised - Diesel

Chipper to 75mm

Fertiliser/ Seed Spreader - Push type

Fertiliser/ Seed Spreader - Towed 350kg

Gardening Tools - Shovels type

Grafting Machine

Hedge Trimmer - Electric 500mm bar

Hose Reels - Garden

Knap Sack Sprayer

Leaf Blower - Petorl

Loppers up to 50mm

Power Broom - Petrol

Power Pruner - Chainsaw

Rotary Hoe - 8hp self propelled

Stump Grinder 13HP Petrol

Weed Sprayer - Petrol 200ltr

Weed Sprayer - Petrol 500ltr

Wood Splitter - Trailerised - 25 Ton Ram

Lawn Care

Lawn Aerator

Lawn Boy Sprayer

Lawn Edger - Little Aton

Lawn Mower - Self Propelled .650mm cut

Lawn Mower with Catcher

Lawn Roller - Water Filled

Lawn Scarified

Scrub Cutter - Petrol

Weed Eater - Line and Blade

Self Propelled Slasher