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Commercial and Industial Hire

 Air Compressors
100 CFM Silenced
100 CFM with breaker, point, chisel, one hose & line oiler
1000 CFm Silenced (aftercooled)
13 CFM spraygun, hose and trap
170 CFM Silenced
190 CFM Silenced
250 CFM Silenced
335 CFM Silenced
365 CFM Silenced
365 CFM Silenced (with after cooler)
400 CFM Silenced
750 CFM Silenced
Extension Blast Hose (per 10 mtrs)
Helmet and Reg (filters extra)
Sandblast Hose and Pot (4 bag or 10 bag)
Wet Blast Nozzle
Wet Sandblast Pot For Waterblaster
 Air Tools and Equipment
Adaptors Atlas to Aro Etc
After Cooler - 3 Phase - Up to 365 CFM
Arc Air Handpiece
Backfill Rammer
Breaker - Long handle 200mm blade
Breaker - Medium and Heavy
Breaker Air Pick (Coal pick)
Breaker Tex Ten CP222 and Air Pick
CP9 Air Gun & Jet Chisels
Drill (Wood) 10mm and 13mm Chuck
Grinder 100mm &180mm R.A. Air
Hoses 10mm (Aro)
Hoses 19mm Air (Atlas Copco)
Impact Wrench 1.2" drive
Impact Wrench 3/4" & 1" drive
Impact Wrench Sockets
Junction Boxes
Line Oiler
Needles Guns
Points and Chisels
Pop Riveter (Air)
Ring Fastner Gun - air
Rock Drills (Heavy and Light)
Sander - Orbital
Scabbler - Floor 7 Pipper (Requires 250 CFM)
Scabblers Triple Head/ Single Head
Spades - Taseal and Clay
Staple Gun - Fencing (Air)
T.T. Drill Steels 1.8mtr up to 3.6mtr
T.T. Drill Steels Special 75mm
T.T. Drill Steels up to 1.8mtr
T.T. Steels for above
Water Traps, Spinner and Tripod
Winches 1/2 ton
 Builders and Handyman
Angurs - Wood
Block Splitter - Lever Type
Celastic Gun
Chain 4 Way
Chain and Wrack (Unit)
Chain Block 1 Ton, 2 Ton and 3 Ton
Chain Snig
Chimney Sweep Outfit
Come - A - Long (Chanin) 1.5 & 5 Ton
Cramps - "G"
Cramps - Floor
Cramps - Sash
Crow Bar 1.5mtr
Drill Chuck Adapter
Dumpy Level (Automatic)
Dumpy Level (Laser)
Electric Lead 15mtr Single Phase
Electric Lead 30mtr single Phase
Exra Augerts
Extension - For drill bits
Fans 350mm Ventilating (Indus)
Fencing Pliers
Fibrolite Cutters
Gang Boxes
Gerrard Fencing Clipper
Gib Board Lifter - Manual and Air Operated
Gless Suction Cups
Hammers Sledge 3lb and 6lb
Hand Carts
Hand Carts - 6 Wheels Strair Climber
Hole Saw
Hose Reels - Garden
Housewash Brushes
Jenny Wheel and Rope Blocks
Level - Laser Drainage
Lino Remover (Elect Chipper)
Lino Roller
Log Roller
Mitre Box and Mitre Saw
Moisture Metre
Nail Extractor
Nail Gun - Cordless Impulse - Framing and Finishing
Nail Gun - Finishing
Nail Gun - Framing to 100mm
Paino Trolley
Pallet Lifter - 2000kg
Pinch Bar Wrecking
Pole Sander - Hand
Pop Riverter - Air
Pop Riveter - Concertina to 6mm rivets
Pop Riveter - Hand
Post Drivers - Wood and Warratah
Post Hole Bore - Hydraulic For Diggers
Post Hole Borer - Hand
Post Hole Borer - One Man
Post Hole Borer - Two Man
Post Hole Borer 1 Man Bormac Hydraulic
Ramset Gun (Plus Nails)
Rope Blocks - Single and Double
Rota Tape Metric or Imperial
Smart Level
Soldering Iron - Electric
Soldering Iron Acet Plus Propane
Spinning Gennie - Wire Feeder Fencing
Spirit Level
Staff for Dummpy Level
Stape Gun - Fencing - Air Operated
Staple Gun - Electric
Staple Gun - Hand
Stapping Machine (19mm Plastic)
Stapping Machine (19mm Steel)
Stapping Machine Bend IT S/S
Steel Bender / Cutter - Electic
Steel Bender / Cutter - Manual
Steel Cut Off Saw 350mm
Steel Nibller / Steel Sheets - Electric
Stilson 450mm & 900mm
Stud Finder
Tapes - 50mtr and 100mtr Fibreglass
Wire Feeder - Spinning Gennie
Wire Strainers - Fencing
Wire Twisters
 Bull Dozers
7 Ton Komatsu D31A-18
7 Ton Komatsu D31A-20
9 Ton CAT D3C
 Chain Trenchers
Chain Trencher - Digger Attachmant 1200 Deep 150 Wide
Kubota Centre Mount 5" Cut 19hp 800mm Cut
Kubota Centre Mount 5" Cut 24hp 1mtr Cut
Kubota Side Mount 5" Cut 24hp 1mtr Cut
Kubota Side or Centre Mount 170mm Cut 40hp 1mtr Cut
Walk behind Barretto
 Cherry Pickers
12mtr Trailer Mounted
13mtr Trailer Mounted
14mtr Trailer Mounted
15mtr Trailer Mounted - Petrol or Electric
15mtr Truck Mounted
20mtrs Reach Truck Aichi SK200
 Concrete Mixers
2 Cu FT Electic and Petrol Non Trailerised
2 CU FT Hand Mixer
2 CU FT Trailerised Petrol or Electric
4 CU FT Trailerised Petrol or Electric
 Concrete Work
Brick Saw Electric 300mm
Concrete Cutter 2 Stroke - 230mm
Concrete Cutter 2 Stroke - 300mm
Concrete Cutter 350mm Wheeled Floor Saw
Concrete Texturing Gun
Diamond Cobble / Block Cutter 250mm - Petrol or Electic
Floats - Bull 900mm with 2 handles
Floats - Hand and Edging
Floats - Rotart Electric 74cm
Floats - Rotary Petrol 85cm
Grinder - 175mm Angle Concrete
Grinder - 650mm Floor Concrete (Plus Stone Wear)
Grinder -250mm Diamond Plus Diamond wear
Scabble 7 Headed Floor 100kg (Requires CFM Compressor)
Scabbler Triple Head and Single Head (Air)
Screed Board - Vibrating Petrol
Screed Boards 1m to 3.6m Alum
Shovels, Picks and Spades etc
Vibrator - Air 50mm
Vibrator - Petrol 35mm Flexdrive
Vibrators - Electric 25mm and 3mm
Wheel Barrows
10 KVA Single Phase - Trailerised
12.5 KVA Single Phase - Trailerised
17 KVA Single & 3 Phase - Trailerised
20 KVA Single & 3 Phase Silenced
23 KVA Single & 3 Phase Silenced
4000 Watt 16.0 amp 4.0 KVA
5000 Watt 5.0 KVA
Lighting Tower 12mtr
Lighting Tower 4 x 1000 Watt Flood (Plus Generator)
Bosch USH 27 - heavy
Hitachi Small
Hitchi Medium H65SB
Kango Hammer 1100 - medium
Moils - Points and Chisels
Moils - Spades
 Electric Tools
Battery Charger
Bits 26mm to 40mm
Bits 30mm & 45mm 1 Piece
Bits Core 50mm and 65mm
Bits Up To 26mm
Car Polisher and Buffer
Core Bit 100mm
Die / End Grinder
Drill - R.A. Drive 10mm
Drill 10mm
Drill 12 Volt Car Battery 2 Speed Heavy Duty
Drill 13mm and 16mm 2 Speed
Drill 19mm Heavy Duty and Breast Duty
Drill Bits
Drill Cordless 13mm
Drill Dyna - Standard
Drill Impact 13mm and 16mm
Drill Magnetic - M.T. or Chuck
Drill Magnetic with Rotary Broach Holder
Dyna Drill - Large
Electric Screwdriver (TEX)
End Grinder
Floodlights 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt
Floodlights 500 Watt
Floor Polish (Commercial)
Floor Scrubber (Commercial)
Gib Screw Gun
Grinder Angle 100mm Steel
Grinder Angle 125mm Steel
Grinder Angle 150mm Steel
Grinder Angle 175mm Steel
Grinder Angle 230mm Steel
Heater (Diesel / Electric) Medium
Heater Gas Blaster L.P.G Jumbo with Saftey Guard
Heater Gas Blaster L.P.G with Saftey Guard
Heater Orion Brittle (Kero / Electric)
Heater Radiant (Diesel / Electric)
Hedge Trimmer Electric
Impact Wrench 13mm Drive
Impact Wrench 13mm Drive - Cordless
Impact Wrench 19mm and 25mm drive
Junction Boxes - Plug Boxes
Kango Hammer 2500 and Bosch Large
Kango Hammer Kango 1100 Medium/ Hitachi H655B
Kango Hammer USH10 Bosch Small
Leads - Electric 15mtr
Leads - Electric 30mtr
Leads - Electric 50mtr x 2.5mtr HD on Reel
Lifeguard 2 Plug
Lifeguard 3 Phase or Single Phase
Lifeguard 6 Plug
Lifeguard 8 Plug Single Phase 32amp
Lino Remover Chipper
Moils - Points and Chisels
Moils - Spades
Nibbler 1.6mm Panel Steel
Planer - Electric 125mm (Plus Sharpener if Required)
Planer - Electric 75mm (Plus Sharpener if Required)
Rebar Cutter to 19mm Elect / Hydr
Shears (Panel Steel)
Soldering Iron - Electric
Staple Gun - Carpet - Electric
Transformer 230 to 110 Volt
Vacuum Cleaner - Domestic
Vacuum Cleaner Large Wet and Dry - Commercial
Vacuum Cleaner Super Sucker Twin Engine
(Most Excavatores Have Swivel Weed Buckets)
1.6 Ton Rubber Tracks (On Trailer - 1 With Thumb)
1.8 Ton Rubber Tracks (On Trailer)
11.0 Ton Steel Tracks
12.0 Ton Steel Tracks with Thumb
13.0 Ton Steel Tracks with Hydr thumb
16.0 Ton Steel Tracks
2.0 Ton Rubber (On Trailer)
2.5 Ton Rubber Tracks
3.5 Ton Rubber Tracks
4.5 Ton Rubber Tracks
6.0 Ton Rubber or Steel Tracks
7.0 Ton Steel Tracks
8.0 Ton Steel Tracks
Grapple Rotating Hyraulic
Hydraulic Post Hole Borer to 600mm
Aerator For Laws
Chipper to 150mm - Trailerised - Petrol
Chipper to 200mm - Trailerised - Diesel
Chipper to 300mm - Trailerised - Diesel
Chipper to 75mm
Fertiliser/ Seed Spreader - Push type
Fertiliser/ Seed Spreader - Towed 350kg
Gardening Tools - Shovels type
Grafting Machine
Hedge Trimmer - Electric 500mm bar
Hose Reels - Garden
Knap Sack Sprayer
Lawn Boy Sprayer
Lawn Edger - Little Aton
Lawn Mower - Self Propelled .650mm cut
Lawn Mower with Catcher
Lawn Roller - Water Filled
Lawn Scarified
Leaf Blower - Petorl
Leaf Vacuum - Petorl
Loppers up to 50mm
Power Broom - Petrol
Power Pruner - Chainsaw
Rotary Hoe - 4 Stroke Small
Rotary Hoe - 8hp self propelled
Rotary Hoe - Tractor Mounted 1.2mtr (on our tractor only)
Scrub Cutter - Petrol
Stump Grinder 13HP Petrol
Weed Eater - Line and Blade
Weed Sprayer - Petrol 200ltr
Weed Sprayer - Petrol 500ltr
Wood Splitter - Trailerised - 25 Ton Ram
Cat 130 13 Ton
Cat 140H - 16 Ton
Komatsu GS405-2 9 Ton
Kubota M7040F
Hydraulic Breaker
Hydraulic Power Pack
 Implements for Tractors
Alkathene Layer or Ripper
Back Blade 5ft
Dingo 4 in 1 Bucket
Drag Road Broom
Kanea/ Dinga Concrete Mixer
Kanga Chain Trencher - Digger Attachmant 1200 Deep 150 Wide
Kanga Levelline Bar
Kanga Stump Grinder
Kango Trencher
Levelling Bar - 3pt Linkage
Rotary Hoe (On our Tractor)
Top Chopper/ Rotary Slasher 3ft
Top Chopper/ Rotary Slasher 4ft
Top Chopper/ Rotary Slasher 6ft
Wood Splitter P.T.O Drive
Body/ Clicker Jack to 1.8mtrs
Bottle Jack - Screw
Extra Ram
Floor Jack - Up To 10 Ton
Hydraulic 100 Ton - Bottle
Hydraulic Jacks - Up To 10 Ton - Bottle
Hydraulic Jacks 20 Ton - Bottle
Jack Stands
Load Skates - 2.5 Ton Each
Porta Power Hydraulic With 1 Ram
Pullers for Above
Timber Jack
 Knuckle Booms
Articulated Boom 4 WD - 14mtr to Platform (Rough Terrain)
 Loaders - Pivot Steer
1.9 Ton TCM L3 (On Trailer)
2.75 Ton LX20, TCM808, FL35
3.5 Ton LX30, FL50
7 Ton CAT 910F
7 Ton TCM L9, L510, FL310
 Loaders - Skid Steer
Bobcat 4 in 1 Bucket 2.5
Crawler Carrier 750kg Load
 Mechanics Tools
Air Conditioning Unit - Portable
Ball Joint Splitter
Barking Collars - For Does
Battery Charger
Brake Flaring Tool
Car Floor Jacks - Up To 3 Ton
Chain Blcok 3 Ton
Chain Block 1 Ton
Chain Block 2 Ton
Cluch Aligning Tool
Coil Spring Compressor (Pair)
Compression Tester
Copper Tube Cutter (To 10mm)
Cylinder Hone 100ml
Cylinder Hone 50ml & 75ml
Engine Lifter - Hydraulic
Exra Rams
Head Stud Set - 40 Piece
Impact Screwdriver
Jack Stands
Leads Lights (Bulb Extra)
Mini Crane - Engine Lifter
Mini Crane - With Chain Block
Nibbler / Sheers - Panel Steel
Porta Power - Hydraulic / 1 Ram
Pullers Slide Hammer Axle and Hub
Ridge Remover
Ring Compreesor (all sizes)
Socket Set - 19mm Drive
Soldering Iron - Electric
Timming Light
Torque Wrench 10mm & 13mm Drive
Valve Lifter
Bike Rack - Tow Bar Mounted
Carpet Shampooer (Plus Shampoo)
Carpet Stetcher - Knee
Carpet Stetcher - Power
Containers 10' Cube
Containers 20'
Containers 40'
Dehumidifier - Small Domestic
Dehumidifier BD150
Dehumidifier BD70
Floor Polish (Commercial)
Floor Scrubber (Commercial)
Heater L.P.G Gas Blaster Jumbo with Saftey Guard
Heater L.P.G Gas Blaster with Safety Guard
Heater L.P.G Mini Spitfire with Safety Guard
Heater Orion Brittle (Kero / Electric)
Heater Radiant (Diesel / Electric - Large)
Heater Radiant (Diesel / Electric - Medium)
Load Binders - 50mm
Load Skates - 2.5 Ton Each
Metal Detector
Packing Blankets - Bundle of Six
Possum Cage
Push Sweeper
Rototape Measuring Wheel - Metric or Imperial
Snow Chains - 13" to 15"
Superlifer 300kg to 5.5mtrs
Superlifter 135kg to 3.35mtrs
Superlifter 300kg to 4.4mtrs
Swift Lift Attachments 2 Ton
Tape Measure - 50 to 100 metre
Trolley - 4 Wheel
Turfer 1.5 Ton Lift
Turfer 3.0 Ton Lift
Turfer 800kg
Vacumm Cleaners - Large Wet and Dry Commercial
Vacuum Cleaners - Domestic
Vacuum Cleaners - Super Sucker Twin Engine
Vacuum Sweeper - Ride on 1300mm Sweep Width
Ventilating Fan 12" Domestic 1.5mtr Stand
Ventilating Fan 14" Heavy Duty
Ventilating Fan Ducting - Light
Ventilating Fan Ducting - PVC in bag
Water Tanks - 1000ltr in frame
 Painting Equipment
Airless Spray Unit - Commercial
Drop Sheets
Extension Blast Wand
Extra Blast Hoses 30mtr
Extra Spray Hose
Hoses 10ml (ARO Fittings)
Paint Burners L.P.G (Plus Gas)
Paint Stripper - Hot Air
Planks 3.0mtr 3.6mtr and 4.2mtr Laminated
Planks 4.0mtr and 6.0mtr Aluminium
Regualator and Water Trap
Saftey Harness - Waist and Full Harness
Spray Gun - High Pressure
Trestles 2.4 and 3.6 mtr Painting
Trestles 2.4mtr bricklayes
Trestles 3.0mtr alloy
Wallpaper Remover Steamer - Industial
Wallpaper Straight Edge
Water Blaster / Whirl Away 2000psi - Petrol
Water Blaster 1500psi Electric
Water Blaster 1800psi Electric
Water Blaster 2200psi - Diesel / Trailerised
Water Blaster 2200psi - Petrol / Non Trailerised
Water Blaster 3200psi - Diesel / Trailerised
Water Blaster 5000psi Diesel / Trailerised
Water Blaster Hot 1400psi 140c
Water Blaster Hot 3000psi 140c
Water Traps - Spinner and Tripod
1300 Watt 5.4 amp 1.3 KVA
1900 Watt 8.5 amp 1.9 KVA
2000 Watt Electric Start
240 Volt Redline Converter
3000 Watt 12.0 amp 3.0 KVA
3000 Watt Silenced (Suitable Electronics)
400 Watt 2.0 amp .4 KVA
4000 Watt 16.0 amp 4.0 KVA
 Plate Compactors
Foot Tamper - 115mm or 285mm Foot]
Plate Compactor - Petrol 1.5 Ton
Plate Compactor Large Reversible Diesel
 Plumbing Equipment
Benders - Copper Pipe
Benders - Copper Pipe - Spring
Benders Pipe to 2" Elec / Hydr
Benders Pipe to 2" Manual / Hydr
Body Punch
Crimping Tool - Butylene
Crox Tools - 1/2" - 3/4" and 1"
Cutters - Earthenwate to 10"
Cutters - Pipe to 2"
Cutters - Pipe to 3"
Drain Clean Ferret for 1500, 2000, 3000 and 5000psi Waterblaster
Drain Cleaner - Electric Eel
Drain Cleaner - Hand Eel
Drain Cleaner Rods
Drain Tester Plug 4" and 6"
Element Spanner - Hot Water Cylinder
Extra Pipe Formers
House Pressure Tester
Sink Plunger - Rubber Cup
Tap Reseater Tool 1/2" and 3/4"
Test Guage for Plumbers
Threader Pipe - Elec 1/2" to 2
Threader Pipe - Hand 1/2" to 1"
Threader Pipe - Hand 3/4" to 2"
Tin Snips
Vice - Pipe On Stand
Wrench Pipe - Stilson to 24"
Wrench Pipe - Stilson to 36"
 Safety Equipment
Barriers Expanding Safety 3.0m
Body Slings
Manhole Recovery Kit
Road Barriers - Water filled
Road Cones - Large 900mm
Road Signs - 30K Stop/ Go, Road Works
Rotaing Lamp - Mag Base 12 or 24 Volt
Safety Harness - Full 900mm Lanyard
Safety Kit - Roofers
Saftey Fall Arrest Kit 10mtr
Saftey Fall Arrest Kit 2mtr
Saftey Rope 50mtr
Safty Helmet - Construction
Safty Helmet and Chaps - Chainsaw
Traffic Lights - Pair of
Belt Sander 24" x 4"
Car Polisher 7" (Buffs Extra)
Ceiling & Wall Sander 225mm
Detail Sanders - Optional Vacuum Attachments
Disc Orbital Sander 6" - Optional Vacuum Attachments
Disc Sander 7" (Air)
Disc Sander 7" (Electric)
Floor Sander 7" edger
Floor Sander - Progress 400mm
Floor Sander 600mm x 300mm Orbital
Floor Sander 8" Drum - Franks
Floor Sander 8" Drum - Hi Tech
Orbital (Air)
Orbital Sander 9" x 4" Commercial
Palm Sanders
Pole Sander - Hand
 Saws - Electric and Petrol
Chainsaw (large) - 600mm bar
Chainsaw - 400mm bar - 2 stroke
Chainsaw - Electric
Diamond Cobble / Block Cutter 14" - Petrol or Electic
Drop Mite Saw 200mm Blade
Drop Mite Saw 250mm Blade
Drop Mite Saw 380mm Bade
Firewood Saw 900mm Diesel Trailerised
Jig Saw (Plus Blades)
Sabre Saws (Plus Blades)
Safty Chaps & Helmet
Skill Saw 210mm and 230mm
Steel Cut Off Saw 300mm and 350mm Electric
Tile Cutter - Diamond 112mm
Tile Cutter - Diamond 150mm
Tile Cutter - Diamond 200mm
Tile Cutter - Scorer
 Scaffolding and Ladders
Ladders - Half Extension
Ladders Extension to 12mtr
Ladders Extension to 8mtr
Ladders Step - 3.6mtr to 5.5mtr with handrails
Ladders Step / Trestle / Extension
Ladders Step to 3.5mtr
Ladders Tree Pruning 2.4m and 4.2m
Painting Trestle 2.4mtr and 3.6mtr Steel
Painting Trestle 3.0mtr Alloy
Planks Aluminum 3.6m and 4.2m
Planks Aluminum 4.0m and 6.0m
Planks Wooden up to 3m
Scaffold Towers - Platform Height 2.0m to 4.8m
Super Trestle
Super Trestle Plank
Super Trestle Set
Trestles 2.4mtr bricklayers
 Scissor Lift
10mtr Diesel Self Propelled (Rough Terrain) 2WD - 1700mm Wide x 2300mm Long (Plus Platform Extension)
10mtr Diesel Self Propelled (Rough Terrain) 4WD - 1750mm Wide x 2670mm Long (Plus Platform Extension)
14mtr Diesel Self Propelled (Rough Terrain) - (40RTS) 1800mm Wide x 3200mm Long Plus Extension 1230mm
7.5mtr Electric Self Propelled - 1370mm Wide x 2630mm Long (plus platform extension)
8mtr Electric Self Propelled - 810mm Wide x 2160mm Long
9.5mtr Electric Self Propelled - 1810mm Wide x 3300mm Long (Plus Platform Extension)
Personal Lifter 7mtr Full Harness With 900mm lanyard
Dingo 500 with Post Hole Borer
Dingo and Kanga Mini Loaders
Ford 3610 Tractor Bare
Ford 3610 with 4ft Rotary Slasher
Ford 3610 with Rear Road Broom
John Deer 3320 - 4WD
Kubota B2150 4WD Tractor with Bucket and Blade
Kubota B2150 4WD Tractor with Top Chop
Kubota B2710 with Front Road Broom
Kubota M7500 DT 4WD 80HP
Shibaura S4455 with Front Road Broom
Foliage Crate on 2.4mtr Trailer
Foliage Crate on 3.0mtr Trailer
Furniture 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.6mtr
Furniture 3.0 x 1.6 x 1.8mtr
Furniture Tandem 3.3 x 1.88 x 1.85mtr
Horse Float - Double - Tandern - Braked
Light - Ramped - Motor Bike/ Quad
Light - Up to 2.4
Light Board (With 8mtr lead)
Stock Trailer - 1.8 x 1.2 mtr
Tandem - 1.2mtr x 5.5mtr Pipe Carrier
Tandem - 2.4 x 3.6mtr
Tandem - 3mtr or longer
Tandem - Up to 3mtr long
Tipper 1 Ton
Trailer Tarps
Transporter - Single axle dolly
Tumble Tipper
Window/ Ranch Slider Transport Rack
Truck F/D Crane - Tail Lift 9 Ton R/U
Truck F/D Crane 9 Ton R/U
Truck F/D Double Cab 5 Ton R/U
Truck F/Deck 4 Ton R/U
Truck Furniture 4 Ton
Truck Furniture 5 Ton
Truck Furniture 5 Ton Tail Lift
Truck Furniture or Chiller
Truck Tip 4WD 13 Ton R/U Girraffe
Truck Tip 4WD 5 Ton R/U Titan
Truck Tip 4WD 6 Ton R/U Trader
Truck Tip 4WD 8 Ton R/U Ranger
Truck Vacuum Suction
Truck Water Cart 3500 or 2000 Litres
Tuck Tip 6W 20 Ton R/U Mack
Utility F/D - Hilux or Courier
Utility F/D 4WD - Patrol or Hilux
Van - 10 Passenger L300 Van
Van - 12 Passenger Hiace or Transit
Van - Toyota, Hiace - Open Rear
Bomag BW100 - 1.5 Ton Static Weight
Bomag BW138AC - 4 Ton - Combi - Rummer/ Steel
Construction Rollers - 4 to 11 Ton
Dyna Pack CA 151 Padfoot or Smooth Drum - 8 Ton Static Weight
Dyna Pack CC92 1.6 Ton and Bomag BW90
Sakai SV200T - 4 Ton Padfoot
Sakai SV512TF - 12 Ton Padfoot
Sakai SW230, SW250 and AE12
Sakai SW500 - 5 Ton Static Weight
Sakai SW60N - 6 Ton Static Weight
Three Pin Static - 12 Ton
Towed Roller 3 Ton
Towed Static Sheeps Foot - 6.5 Ton Full of Water
Vibrator Roller - 600mm Single Drum Walk Behind
Vibrator Roller - 750mm Single Drum Walk Behind
 Water Pump Hoses
6" Outlet - Layflat
1 1/2" Outlet Hose - Layflat
1 1/2" Suction Hose
1" Outlet Hose
1" Suction Hose
2" & 3" Outlet - Layflat
2" & 3" Suction - Reinforced
4" Outlet - Layflat
4" Suction - Reinforced
6" Suction - Reinforced
Hydrant Stand Pipe & Handle
 Water Pumps
1" Trash Pump - 2 Stroke
1 1/2" Submersible - Electric
2" Air Sludge 6-7000 GPH Wilden
2" Flexidrive Electric
2" Sludge Petrol 2400 GPH
2" Submersible - 12 Volt
2" Submersible Electric
2" Trash Petrol 10000 GPH
3" 3 Ohase Sub Pump
3" Air Sludge 11-13000 GPH Wilden
3" Trash Petrol - Flexidrive
3" Trash Petrol 17000 GPH
3/8" Sub Pump - 12 Volt
4" Trash Diesel 27000 GPH
6" Trash Diesel 54000 GPH
Drun Pump 12 Volt 3/8"
Fresh Water Pump - Davies 250 GPH Electric
Fuel Transfer Pump
Gorse / Weed Spray Pump 200ltr
Gorse / Weed Spray Pump 500ltr Tractor Mounted
Waterbed Pump
 Welders - Mains Power
150 amp 230 Volt with Leads
180 amp 230 Volt Single Phase (Plus Leads)
300 amp 3 Phase (Plus Leads)
475 amp 3 Phase (Plus Leads)
MIG Welder 250 amp
 Welders - Portable
180 amp Petrol - With 2KVA gen. (Plus Leads)
300 amp Diesel (Plus Leads)
400 amp Diesel (Plus Leads)
400 amp x2 Diesel (Plus Leads)
500 amp Diesel (Plus Leads) Silenced
Cutting Torch
LPG / Oxy Cutting / Heat Unit
Oxy / Acet Plant incl Hose 4 Tips
 Welding Accessories
Arc Air Handpiece
Broco Cutter Plus Rods
Leads - 3 Phase
Leads - Welding Per 10 Metres